What is an organization?

An organization account  allows you to  organize and manage your  projects and app. Organisation accounts have advanced permission levels over individual accounts. This means an organisation administrator can add other team members to the organization and  grant them same access as himself, or they have the option of maintaining access  at the project level, by assigning individual collaborators to one project at a time.

Organisation accounts are a great option for international organizations that implement projects in multiple countries or regions or for companies that simply require better data management and access controls for members on their team. A user can even manage multiple organizations from a single Tattara account.

Create an organization

To create an organisation,click on the 

Invite User to organisation

To invite a user to an organisation,switch from the personal account to the organisation account created,click on the organisation drop down at the top of the page,scroll to the organisation and enter.On the page,click on the invite team members,a team members modal pops out.click on the invite user in the yellow button down the modal

It brings you to the organistion home page,click on the invite users to organisation button.

Organization settings

Organization profile

Switch between different organizations

Message template

 Message Templates allows you to configure the messages that members in your organization receives. Hover on any of the messages below and click the pencil icon  to edit or the trash icon  to revert to the default template. 

Role Management

Billing and plans