After users have verified their account and signed in, users can begin to create a new project, by selecting the project tab at the top left corner of the page, afterwards you will click on the new project page. Where you will be required to fill the project name, select a category for the project and give a brief description of the project. 

Projects are like folders where forms are created. A project contains all of the forms and data related to the project and information to help team members understand what the project is all about

After filling all of the required fields you click on save to create a new project or cancel to not save that project. The steps are illustrated in the images below

Start Tour

The Start Tour button on the upper right corner of the project page gives you a description of creating your project, it gives a guided tour of the project interface for easy understanding.


Create project

To create a project after logging in, users have to click on the Projects tab at the top left corner of the page as shown below. 

Then click on the blue button that reads Create New Project on the right corner of the project tab as shown below.


After clicking on the button, a create new project modal will pop up, prompting users to fill in the Project name, Project description and the Category your project will belong to as shown below. Then click on save to create a project or cancel to terminate the process


A confirmation modal will appear to show the project was created successfully if you clicked on Save the OK button to take you to the project you just created.

Projects are where you create apps, invite team members, edit the project or delete the project completely.