To collaborate with other users on Tattara platform you have to invite them to your project, invited users could be students, team members, employees and so on. 


Invite users


To invite users to your project you have to click on the Invite team members to project button. It is the blue button that you see when you click on the name of your project. As shown in the image below when you click on the button, a modal pop up requesting you to enter an email address and select role.

Enter the team member's email address, assign a role to the team member, then click on the share button to send an invite to their mail.


click on"done' button to exit 


Grant app access to team members 

This gives team members different level of access to the project they have been invited to.To grant a user an app access, you have to click on the team members with access to view the list of invited users with their assigned role, then click on grant app access to team member