What is an app?

An App is a form used to fill out recorded attributes along with all the other rules and settings that have been pre-configured. They are integrations that allow users to connect and also grant data access to external apps.

In Tattara, apps are also dynamic and customizable groups of attributes composed of varying types of data, numbers, text, photos, etc and they also act as a database to hold or collect data.

To create an app

There are two ways to create an app, first is by using a form builder and second is by using the XLSForm build.Click on the add app to project button  as in the screenshot below

A new application form is opened as below, you are requested to upload XLSForm to create an app or rather click the link to create an XLSForm if you do not have one already created.

What is an XLS Form?

XLSForm is a form standard created to help simplify the authoring of forms in Excel. Authoring is done in a human readable format using a familiar tool that almost everyone knows - Excel. XLSForms provide a practical standard for sharing and collaborating on authoring forms. read more...

After creating the XLSFORM, save it on your device.

Application privacy

This is to determine whether your app should be made public or private.

What is a private app?

A Private app is an app that belongs to one user or group of users. It is not open for public view.

What is a public app?

Public apps are apps that are open to every user. They are also open for public view.


The hashtag is a word or a brief description of an app to help you easily access your apps, it is either public or private. You are required to enter a hashtag before creating an app.

Start Tour

The start tour button that appears all over the pages is meant to help you navigate around the Tattara app. When you click on the start tour button, it gives you a brief description of what to do with the various icon and buttons on the pages. It also explains the Tattara organisation, project and app interfaces.

Delete app

To delete an app, scroll down to the left navigation bar on the app interface, click on the delete button to delete an app permanently.

App settings

The settings button on the app page allows you to edit your app as shown in the illustration below, click on the settings button, an edit app form is displayed, you can change the app name, description, the category and also change its status to either active or inactive.After making all the changes, click on the update button to apply the changes you have made.