What is an app?

An App is a form used on the Tattara mobile platform to fill out recorded attributes along with all the other rules and settings that have been pre-configured. They are integrations that allow users to connect and also grant data access to external apps.

In Tattara, apps are also dynamic and customizable groups of attributes composed of varying types of data- numbers, text, photos, etc and they also act as a database to hold or collect data.

What is a private app?

A Private app is an app that is belonging to or for the use of one particular user or group of people only and not available to the public.

What is a public app?

Public apps are apps that are open to all persons and are open for public view.

Update apps from the server

Updating apps helps to refresh and renew your current app version so that your device can have the most current version of the app from the online server.

To update an app from the server, click on the Menu button on the homepage as indicated below;

Afterwards, select the "My Apps" option to go to the Apps

When you select "Update Apps"

Confirm your action by selecting the "Yes" option

Search my Apps

To search for apps, click on the field to search for apps 

Add records

To add records to an app, click on the "+" icon as shown below

View records

To view records, select the "eye" icon as shown

After selecting the "eye" icon, it displays the record you want to view as shown below:

Edit Records

In Tattara, editing record data is easy. Select a single record you want to edit by clicking on the coloured pin, this will open the record in an edit mode.

After you click on the "edit icon" the individual record you want to open will open afterwards

When you are done inputting the data of your choice, you can then submit the corrected data by clicking on the "Submit Data" button

View records on map

To view records on a map, click on the icon as shown below to access the "map view".This view is ideal when looking at the contents of records contained within the bounds of the map.

Upload app records to server

During data collection, Tattara mobile application can collect data even in offline mode(without Internet access) and when Internet access is restored, the user can upload all data entered the period that particular user was offline and the records will be uploaded.

Get app data from server

To get app data from the server, click the right top icon and then select the "Get app data" option

Share app

Share apps with users who are on Tattara and others who haven’t signed up for Tattara yet.You can only share a public app you searched for through the "search an app" search box. Click on the icon as shown below to share with whoever you wish to and on the platforms that will be shown to you.

After you have clicked on the "Share" icon, it opens a number of platforms to choose where to share the app to as shown below:

Like/Follow an App publisher

You can only like a public app you searched for through the "search an app" search box. Click on the icon as shown below to like or follow the app publisher