Working with form data: Users can search for data collected on the forms in a project, and can also search for forms within a project

with form data: 

Searching for Forms

To search for forms within a project, users have to enter the full name or part of the name of the form on the search panel of the My Apps tab as shown in the images below...

You will first have to sign in to your account and have this on your mobile device screen, you will click on 'HOME' as shown seen in the image below. 

Then you click on My Apps as seen here

You will have a list of apps on your screen like the ones shown here

I have decided to search for Software Developers Survey, I do not have to type in the full name of the app, typing Software like I did here will give me the app I need. 

And that is how to search for apps using the mobile platform because as time goes on and you have a good number of projects and apps you are working on, scrolling down would not be fun. 

Searching for data within a form 

Users can also search for data within a form as shown below.

Click on the form/app you want a data set from, I clicked on catering form for instance. It gives this screen showing all the data I have in that particular app. 

I am searching for the data names Timi, so I go to the upper tab that has search and input that and it gives me the data I want.

That is how to search for apps and data within a project and an app respectively on a mobile device.