Monitoring a project shouldn;t have to involve filling out paperwork and carrying compass and cameras. With Tattara, you can complete an in-depth project monitoring faster with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop! Our custom-built apps allow you to build out the perfect monitoring from once and use it anywhere, anytime. All of your information is stored safely in the cloud for fast secure access from anywhere in the world, no need to revisit the office to find old project paperwork


  1. Conduct project monitoring anywhere at any time with just smartphone no forms or cameras
  2.  Easy storage/ Instant Access - Tattara provides ways to optimize the management of your projects over time, and access information anytime, anywhere.
  3. Saves time of transcribing paper data to usable online data i.e reduced filing paper costs
  4. Capture project problems and progress as they occur with the built in photo capture function.
  5. Easily add GPS locations to pictures and projects you are monitoring with our easy to use custom form builder to enable more accurate field data from your team
  6. Map based analysis- easily find projects for mapping, reporting and planning
  7. Export formats (XLS, PDF etc)
  8. Dashboard capacities