Collecting baseline information for survey projects doesn't have to be a burden. With Tattara, your team can collect baseline data anywhere, anytime with our app, and your data is securely stored in the cloud for easy access, anytime. Create forms for NGO baseline information survey and more in minutes with our easy-t--use form builder, XLS forms or built-in templates. Make your baseline information data work instantly with automated actions.


  1. Build custom data collection forms - in just minutes without any programming knowledge
  2. Easy Storage / Instant Access - Safely and securely store your data in the cloud for instant access anytime
  3. Offline data collection - No internet? No Problem! Our app saves a copy for you to upload when there is connectivity
  4. Team based data collection is allowed as forms can be shared with your team in seconds for remote baseline survey
  5. Real time updates from the survey- See instant updates and changes from the field
  6. Geo-coordinates for location accuracy and mapping 
  7. Reduction in transcription errors and No lost paperwork