Tattara can be used by employees working offsite to give a report of activities to their employers. Employers and managers no longer have to worry about typing, designing and printing forms, transcribing data from forms to usable soft copy and so on. Tattara makes it easy for you to know what your employees are doing anywhere, anytime. Share forms, send locations, create work schedule and generate reports in just one click with Tattara


  1.  Build custom data collection forms - in minutes without having prior programming language
  2. Instant Access - Collect data from the field on the go
  3. Offline data collection - Our app allows users save their collected data on their phones and uploads when there is internet connectivity
  4. Easy storage - Securely store your collected data in the cloud for instant access anytime
  5. Team based data collection - Share your form to your team in seconds for remote data collection
  6. Location accuracy- Our app allows users enter the geo-coordinates of data collection hereby allowing team members find it on the map
  7. Data export - Properly formatted data are available for export in many formats
  8. Reduction in transcription errors from paper copy to electronic version